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How to Suffer Less from Exhaustion

Beyond the basics of getting enough sleep, eating well, getting fresh air and some exercise (just a brisk walk will do) …. Here are 3 things that might be contributing to exhaustion that you can look at:

Are you saying Yes too much?

Spreading ourselves too thin is super tiring. If you notice you have too many commitments and are just giving away waaayyyy too much energy, you gotta scale it back.

When I had this issue I had a false belief that it was my obligation to do all the things I could do, I was good at and that were of service to people. As if no one else could do the same things. Hero complex much?

Don’t worry. Someone else will step in where you leave a void. Focus on your most essential jobs and tasks. It is enough.

Repeat after me. “No.”

Without even a sorry or an explanation. Although people do get it if you say you are spread too thin right now and need to take care of yourself! You’ll be setting a good example.

Are you resisting your feelings?

Trying to keep feelings at bay or under wraps is like trying to keep a huge beach ball underwater, for a long time, in the ocean, while waves are crashing over your head. It will wipe you out.

Your emotions are messengers. They are trying to pop up and tell you something. Like, this needs to change. That has to go. This isn’t working anymore.

If you sit still for 5 minutes you can feel emotions as energy in your body. I feel them most in my throat area, heart center (center of the chest) and belly.

If you then allow them to be and to come to the surface they might explode out of the water like that beach ball or they may just bubble up into your awareness. Either way they can then be felt, acknowledged and listened to. There is wisdom there. After the crying, or the anger or the anxiety come and are felt fully and all the way through, the energy will calm back down.

Now, what do you know? What can you act on? Or perhaps you just needed that “good cry”. You just cleared an energy channel so that you can have more vitality come through. Who couldn’t use more of that?

Are you trying to change people who don’t want to change?

Almost everyone, who is related to or married to an addict (like I was) knows the absolute frustration and weariness that trying to change someone brings. But it’s not just addicts that we foolishly try to control with expectations, manipulation, laying down rules or constant nagging. And it works just as well on everyone – meaning it doesn’t.

If you are trying to change or control someone in your life who has no interest in your “help” or advice, let it go. Turn that energy and focus back on yourself. Minding your own business is so good for your business! You can find out what you like, what you need and what makes you happy. And you’ll have the time and energy to go after it.

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