A dear friend once said to me, “I’m not psychic — I just hear God.”
We laughed and laughed.
I hear God, too. Or rather — whispers from angels & messengers.


Sometimes they deliver blessings, poems, fragments of wisdom.
Sometimes they point me to words already written — words I needed to find.
Sometimes they bring rituals, invocations — ceremonies of devotion, birth, renewal & peace.
And sometimes, they bring only a feeling — like a tingling, through my legs. A connection to all that is past, present & future. A union with all that is True.

Everyone has the capacity to hear God. And everyone has the right to define God, on her own terms.

I’ve continually redefined my own concept of God … and I’ve found new facets of freedom at every turn, and in every faith.

My life story — like yours — could fill a whole book.
And someday, I might write it.

For now, here are the highlights, the lowlights, and the bright lights of Truth.

:: I grew up in Mahopac, NY to a pair of delightfully normal (if somewhat neurotic) parents. Picture: the Costanzas from Seinfeld — except Catholic. We were religious — especially on the high holidays. I was a little dancer, artist and nature lover.

:: I earned a BFA in Photography, but decided I didn’t want to spend my waking hours in a darkroom. I earned an MA in Art Therapy, but decided I didn’t want to haggle with insurance providers till the end of my days. I found a few counseling positions I loved — mostly with troubled teens, addicts, and other sensitive souls.

:: I married my university sweetheart, and around the same time noticed he kept drinking a lot, even though we weren’t in college anymore.

:: And so I found Al-Anon, which taught me, among other things things, that I was not smarter than God after all.

:: Then I found yoga, which taught me, among other things, that I could love myself and my body no matter what size I was.

:: I met one of my great teachers, Henry Grayson, who introduced me to the healing power of EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique — a transformative energy psychology technique that I still use with myself, and my clients.

:: I owned & adored two thriving yoga centers with a fantastic business partner & dear friend for 8 years, while building a quiet local practice as a mind-body counselor & spiritual guide.

:: I left my husband, with love … for him, and myself.

:: I met the only good-looking, gainfully employed 37-year-old man who had never been married, always wanted a family and had no children (sorry, ladies). We fell in love.

:: I rode the tidal wave of that love — and suddenly, everything accelerated.
I officiated my first wedding, instantly realized that I wanted to become a minister, enrolled in Interfaith Seminary (4 weeks after giving birth to my daughter), moved into a new home in Cortland, NY, and began offering custom celebrations & rituals, hosting spiritual gatherings, leading women’s circles, and expanding my work as a counselor & yogi.

:: Another move to the wilds of Central Pennsylvania spurred my renewed focus on offering healing opportunities. This lead also to SoL (Spirit of Love) Sunday gatherings and the creation of courses and group retreats.

There was fear, yes. Doubt, yes. Earthly tension around money & mortgages, of course.
But always the sense that my life was coming into alignment — arriving in harmony with my heart’s purpose. My destiny.

:: Today, I’m known as Lisa, or Reverend Lisa, or Mom … depending on who you are and what you need.

As an Interspiritual minister, author & spiritual guide, I offer opportunities for spiritual exploration and discovery.

Whether you’re seeking a soul-full gathering …a retreat or a course to awaken your greatest potential …

A bit of wisdom, written or spoken…

I trust you’ll find what you need, here on this site.

As the great Sufi mystic Rumi once wrote:

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

May your lips touch the ground, in your own way — this day, and every day.


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