Loving Perspectives

Guidance for Young (and some old) Adults

I take a handful of 1:1 clients at a time. I coach, offer spiritual guidance and energy psychology, do breathwork and meditation with them – whatever seems called for and they’re interested in. Lately my clients are all young adults or almost adults. Their moms contacted me initially. Their children are struggling with life. Anxiety, depression, inexplicable rage.

I remember that. I remember when I was younger and life seemed harder. I suffered so much then.

I remember when it changed too. It was not because my circumstances changed so much. I did. Everything was essentially the same, and yet it was all different.

So what did I do? What do I recommend to my clients? What would I tell young adults still struggling?

Go in.

The way is in.

You can turn your attention inward, away from others’ voices and from the outside world. What you will find in there will save you.

You will find that allowing your feelings is the way through them.

You will find what needs tending to. Then learn to give yourself love and grace.

You’ll find guidance from the body and from elsewhere (The Divine/God/Spirit, your gut, the Universe…). You’ll start to trust your intuition and inner wisdom.

You’ll get to know and love yourself, with all of your gifts, talents and tendencies.

You’ll find out what you want. Then you can decide, dream, and move toward something new.

You’ll find that there is a calm place within you that is always there. It’s like the depths of a great lake, undisturbed by the surface waves even in a storm.

Go there with someone to hold your hand at first if need be. It’s good to have a buddy or two, someone that has been there, when traveling somewhere new and foreign. It can be scary. There can be pain.

But there is also light. There is magic. There is infinite possibility. There is love.

All in you.

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