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Spirituality vs. Science

There’s a made-up war going on in churches and yoga studios and in new age, spiritual circles and on their social media and online platforms – Spirituality vs. Science. Faith vs. Reality. God vs. Common Sense. Magic Manifesting Mojo vs. Compassion for the Suffering of Others and for Ourselves.

It’s not real.

Don’t fall into the trap that you have to take a side. As if you’re not spiritual if you get vaccinated. That you’ve lost you’re faith if you listen to scientists and epidemiologists about precautions that should be taken now to protect the vulnerable and save lives across the globe. As if you are failing to “rise above” or to embrace Mother Nature or to trust the Divine if you acknowledge that there’s a deadly virus spreading and causing needless suffering, in part because of these inane stances.

We need not separate God from life.

We bring God to life, through life. The way to the Father (the source) is through the Son (us). When we remember Who We Truly Are and are bringing the Divine through, when the Father is speaking through us and moving through us like Jesus said He was through him, we will be able to perform miracles. We will be able to heal instantly – one another and ourselves. I absolutely believe that. But most of us are not there yet. I’m not. You? Thankfully brilliant people developed vaccines and dedicated researchers are collecting data and making recommendations that will save lives. To reject them is not spiritual or brave or heroic or Godly. It’s just unhelpful. It’s silly. It’s like the joke about the faithful man who trusted God to save him from the the rising floodwaters as a storm ravaged his town.

When his neighbors came by in a boat and offered to take him to higher ground, he said, “No. God will save me.”

When the water was up to the second floor of his house and the National Guard came with a rescue boat, they yelled, “Get in!” He replied out the window, “God will save me!”

After he had climbed onto his roof, they came in a helicopter. He refused to be lifted to safety, telling them, “God will save me!”

He drowned. When he met God in Heaven he was perplexed. He asked, “Why didn’t you save me? I believed in you. My faith was strong.”

God answered, “I sent two boats and a helicopter! What more did you want?”

The Divine pervades all things here and beyond. The Yogis have known since ancient times that this illusion of our individuality is just that, Maya: illusion, trickery, a temporary phenomenon or projection.

“If you can see the walls, you can do more yoga,” David Life, founder of Jivamukti Yoga, once said at a yoga conference that I attended. It’s all Us. It’s all God. We have no individuality that needs defending. We are One. We have only to love one another, the planet, the reality, and the walls as best we can.

We are creating this reality together. I believe that too. We are seeing our own consciousness reflected back as life on this plane. The consequences of our past thoughts and actions are here now for us to see. We can begin today to create a more loving and peaceful future. Hold it in your mind and surround that vision with love. Work toward that. Also help those around you with the situation at hand. Do what you can to act in the most loving manner to heal the whole. If that means a minor inconvenience for you, so be it. Love would sacrifice anything for another.

It is compassionate to surrender to what is happening now. It’s what we have created so far. It’s an opportunity to learn and to love more. This Earth School is good like that, offering lessons continuously. Do the next best thing. The next right thing. That’s not acting out of fear. It’s acting out of love, and acceptance. It’s embracing this plane as much as the Divine Realm, as a tiny part of It. I wear a mask out of love for you and people I don’t know and animals. I am in love with this life and what it is presenting right now.

I will continue to meditate and open myself up as a channel for Spirit to move through me until I don’t see walls or you or viruses, only me as nothing and everything. Only Holiness everywhere. Even then I imagine I will do anything necessary to alleviate the suffering around me, whatever is recommended. Just like a hand automatically grabs another part of the body that is hurt or goes to our hearts when we are hurting emotionally, with awareness of our connection to the Whole we will always try to help.

Those who would call into question your, or my, “faith” or “spiritualness” because of our acceptance of reality are confused.

Reality is not confusing – science and data reveal what is happening right now. Yes, it’s an evolving situation but listen to the smart, learned people. They will continue to update us based on data.

I had a dream the other night that I could move things with my mind. In the dream someone said that I should charge people to come and watch me do this. I said, “No. I want to teach people to do this. Imagine if we could all do it! We could move mountains!”

We could. We will. Our minds can move mountains and do things beyond what science can explain presently. (It’s a paradox to embrace science and be aware that we have this power, I know. This Maya is full of paradox.) When we all become Love, we will move mountains. When we all find our True Selves, there will be only peace. When we are all like Jesus, healing will be instantaneous. There will be Heaven on Earth. Let’s work toward that.

In the meantime, let’s accept the present state of things and do the best we can based on the best information to help the most people.

The answer is always love.

Denial is not love.

Separation is not love.

Resisting life is not love.

Calmly doing your part to respond to reality, with love, is Love.

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